Southern Hospitality in ATL

We are always so happy to spend time in Atlanta and are lucky enough to do it 2 times a year for the Market Season. Of course, the weather is always blistering but this year we had a storm roll on through and were actually able to eat outside twice!! That is unheard of this time of year!  Some great images from the booth – what an amazing show!! Thanks to everyone at Darrah for all their hard work!

Customers loved the new metallics collection – these were our top selling color combination. The beauty is that the fragrances are year round so even though they look a lot like christmas bulbs, they are everyday!


Everyone LOVED the new labels and packaging for the Traviata collection. Aren’t all the colors just gorgeous together??


How can we not include the Pineapple Pinecones? A seasonal favorite and perfectly displayed in the front window!


And of course, the Capri Blue Collection. People were lining up for the mercury found glass piece and they LOVED the new fragrances: Mandarin Tuberose and Pomegranate Citrus.  Place your orders soon!!

Well, off to the next show. Let’s see, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago…….New York…….stop and see us!


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