Hot, Hot, Hot at Dallas Market

OK, if you have ever been to Dallas between the months of May and September you know that it is crazy hot. Insane.  Center of the Earth HOT. Well, this year was no different, so after sweating like crazy to make it to the showroom from the parking lot, the air conditioning was on FULL BLAST.  Just seems funny to be in jeans when it is 102 outside!

Anyway, we had a GREAT show and were so excited about our new showroom: Ivystone. The reps were amazing and so excited about having us in the Ivystone family. And we could not have been more impressed. Best summer show in Dallas EVER!! Love to be able to say that! Thought we would pass along some fun pics of all the new products!!

Don’t you just love the Seasons? Makes you want it to be November already! We added a gorgeous new fragrance in the white frost: Orange Clove – people loved it! And the new smaller tins are the perfect holiday gift pick up for everyone.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! We did a little update to these and people could not get enough of them. They look holiday but we chose to do everyday fragrances in them so that they are year round. They look very holiday but you don’t have to put them away in January!

How amazing is the new packaging? We are just obsessed with the labels – and they are the perfect fit for the Italian theme. The metallic ink just glows on the colored glass. If you get a chance, try the new fragrance Arancia – a blend of Sicilian oranges, clove and cinnamon.

And finally……..

We had so many requests from customers for Mercury Glass and we were excited to unveil it just in time for the holiday season. These 8oz Mercury Found Glass tumblers are amazing and just illuminate beautifully. All our customers went WILD for them!

If you are going to be in Atlanta, swing by and see us at Darrah and Company in Building 2, #1818. Promise to be more on top of the updates – it has been a busy month!!


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