Fall Catalog Photo Shoot

Well, hard to believe but that time has come again when we shoot the catalog for the upcoming Summer shows. Feels like we just finished the January issue!!  Back in Starkville, MS and we were so excited to be able to do the shoot again at the home of our Creative Director’s grandfather. This wonderful location and home has been in her family for over 4 generations and is such a true reflection of the character and history of Starkville.  Every time we think of something that we need, without fail, it is somewhere in the house. A vintage men’s luggage case? In the attic. Antiqued tea cups? In the crystal cabinet, of course! A vintage typewriter? Two to choose from!! For this shoot, we were excited to use the wonderful Casey and Laura Zumwalt from a Lovely Union.  The photos turned out amazing, which is hard to believe with the 3 tornados that touched done and the many, many inches of rain. Felt like we would never see the sun again! But we did and here is the proof in the finished product-

Day One – we are not off to a good start……

But the show must go on – undercover of a tree for the Traviata shoot.

Shooting Seasons with a torrential downpour taking place outside!

This needlepoint perfectly summed up the week!!

The theme for our catalog lifestyle shots – outdoor celebration! What a perfect setting and the weather finally cleared up. Made for a lovely atmosphere for the shots.  Check out our red velvet cake – which was devoured right after this photo!!

We just fell in love with our little succulents from Lowes – these are now blooming in our design offices.

Our little entrance to the celebration – which is the perfect setting for Classic Collection.

Absolutely love this old photo of our creative director’s grandmother and aunt. So sweet!

What a great shoot and so excited to be able to showcase to you all the new catalog – should have something posted by Mid-May!! Just wait until you see the cover shot – have to save some surprises!!


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