Texas Bound for Inspiration

Twice a year we get to make the trek down to Round Top, Texas for the Antique Market. This is a town of just 77 every other day of the year but for about 2 weeks in March and October, it becomes a mecca for antique shoppers from around the globe.  This is our second trip to the show and we are always amazed at the incredible pieces of history that you can find in any of the show tents.

Our first stop? Marburger Farms, our favorite spot at the entire show.  The selection here is so amazing and so very well presented. We laugh that starting here always kind of makes the rest of the spots a little less exciting but we cannot wait to walk into the first tents and start our adventure! Here are some of our images of the things that grabbed our attention at Marburger:

We fell in love with these gorgeous mid-1800 Italian trays. They were so lightweight and the shapes made such an incredible presentation all hanging on the walls of the booth.

And how amazing are these little keepsake boxes? Just imagine a table will all of them piled up. It is always wonderful to see how the dealers show the products – you find yourself wanting to copy it exactly!!

We have loved these bottles for a long time – well, of course in those great shades of blue! Just love the texture of the glass and the vintage labels.  They just illuminate in the light!

Colored glass is EVERYWHERE but this collection of violet glass was just lovely – something a little different from the usual blue and green glass.

We saw this artist last time when he did the amazing banana but this is just gorgeous in person (and large too! Over 3 ft tall!). Just all old bottle tops – who would have thought??

Of course there are TONS of other spots – check out our facebook photographs for more! We are so excited about our finds – looking forward to showing them off to you when we get them finished and ready for releasing!


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