Letterpress Packaging gets a Stamp of Approval

We here at Aspen Bay Candles are always working on design concepts – trying to keep our inspiration board full at the office. One of our favorite sites? The Die Line

It is always amazing to see the incredible packaging out in the market place.  And our latest obsession?? Letterpress. We cannot get enough!  See some of our favorite packaging concepts using the amazing impact of letterpress:


Photo Courtesy of http://www.thedieline.com

As if preserves on biscuits are not good enough in the morning, this packaging is just adorable and makes for a great gift!


Photo Courtesy of http://www.thedieline.com

OK, we cannot start the morning without coffee  –  it is the truth!! And this is the most incredible packaging that we have yet to encounter for coffee. Love the punched out holes and bottom – reminds us of a train ticket.


Photo Courtesy of http://www.thedieline.com

As if the label was not fabulous enough, check out the box and hang tag – marvelous.  Our marketing director has a bit of an obsession with beer/wine/liquor packaging so this is going to be her favorite for sure!


Photo Courtesy of http://www.thedieline.com

Letterpress is such a old fashion method of print that it seems only right that when the packaging was reworked for Balvenie Whiskey that you would see all the little touches that would remind you of packaging back in the turn of the century.


Photo Courtesy of http://www.thedieline.com

Our favorite part? The look of a hand stamped embossed mark – just the finishing touch to a stunning package!


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