Searching High and Low in the Hill Country

Well, the time has come for us to start searching out new concepts for the next year. Seems crazy to be thinking that far in the future but we are always looking for the next big thing in the marketplace.  And what better place than one of the biggest Antique Fairs in the ol’ state of Texas.  After a little four hour drive from Dallas, we find ourselves lost in the beautiful green Hill Country town of Round Top.

As you can see behind the sign, tents galore – and even farms full of incredible finds! One of the best stops was Marburger Farms for sure.  Not only are there Tents A-H but there are also building filled to the brim with amazing antiques and items. Sure there are great glass, china, cabinets, furniture – you name it.  Check out some cool pieces that we spotted on our tour…

Love how they used the doors as a way to separate the booths!

Loved how this booth used a canoe as their centerpiece – imagining in my back yard!

How cool is this – an oversized strawberry covered in bottle tops? Check out the banana below…

And what great trip would be complete without some great local restaurants??  We had a great dinner our first night at Murphy’s Steakhouse in Winchester, Texas – a short 20 minute ride through the winding country roads.

Next night, well Austin of course!! Headed into town for the best Tex-Mex around at Matt’s El Rancho on South Lamar. You cannot come to Texas and not have some chips and salsa! And what trip could be complete without BBQ. And we had to go to the Barbeque Capital in Lockhart, Texas at Kreuz Market. A must for anyone traveling to the Hill Country. Worth the wait and love that they just started using forks after 100 years! When you think about it – we really had the 3 perfect Texas foods – steak, tex-mex and bbq!!

Well, back to the office and hard at work putting these great ideas to pen and paper and then bringing them to life!


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