Planning a Holiday Getaway?

Are you lucky enough to get out of town for the holidays ? The weather is heating up in Dallas but it does not look like we will be skipping town next weekend. Traveling a lot over the next months so thought it would be a nice chance to spend a long weekend here in Dallas.  Of course, a girl can still dream? So I thought I would post exactly what I would LIKE to be doing this weekend:

Courtesy of Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Ah, the Fairmont Mayakoba near Playa del Carmen, Mexico. That would be the perfect weekend! But since I will not have the sand under my feet and the sea air in my face, going to have to settle for the Island Song candle.  Just light and close my eyes, maybe some music too and a lawn chair in the backyard!! Like I said before, a girl can dream!

Photography from

Stuck in town too? Sneak over to Anthropologie and pick up the fabulous Island Song in the gorgeous turquoise jars – an exclusive release!


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