Summer Jeans, Summer Whites

If you are anywhere in the South, you can feel that summer is here. It is hard to complain with our wonderful winters – but boy, do we pay for it in the summer! The humidity is a real killer to any attempts to wear your hair down (or maybe that is just me!)

One of my favorite parts of spring/summer is the breaking out of the white jeans.  It just feels so refreshing to bust out of the drab winter colors and dust off the bright white jeans and bright colorful accent tops.  As I was finding my new jeans for the season, I had to pass along this article from Instyle Magazine “The White Jeans Guide” – a great place to start in the search for the perfect match.  White jeans are a must for any size  –  don’t be afraid!!

Photo by Time Inc. Digital Studio

Love this look – makes me want to sit on a patio and sip cool, crisp white wine – a perfect way to spend a hot summer evening!

Don’t let your home feel left out – we have a great candle in our new white glass. Get your favorite Volcano fragrance in our white glass jar at or any of your local retailers.


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